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Clean Skincare

When battling cancer, it’s truly amazing what a swipe of bold red lipstick or a simple sheet mask can do for you physical and mental wellbeing — trust me, I know from personal experience. That said, one thing cancer fighters and survivors should always be mindful of throughout their journey is the use of non-toxic beauty products.

Aside from wanting to avoid exposure to potentially harmful chemicals during cancer treatment, natural products tend to be milder on the skin — which can become especially sensitive while undergoing rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.

The key here is to be on the lookout for toxic ingredients and where your beauty products are sourced from as regulations differ around the globe. The European Union has outlawed 1328 product toxins, whereas the U.S. has banned a mere 30.

Cancer fighters and survivors should be very conscious of common toxic beauty ingredients that have been linked to cancer, such as polyethylene glycols, triclosans, and diethanolamine or DEA. Hormone and reproductive disrupting toxins, like parabens, BHA, and phthalates, are also a prime concern for people with estrogen receptive cancers.

But thanks to apps like Think Dirty and toxic-rating scales like EWG Skin Deep, it's easier than ever to educate yourself on which clean products are authentic.

As a cancer survivor myself, I've personally tested an array of beauty products throughout my health and career journey. Today, I stand proudly clean — both from cancer and from toxic beauty ingredients!

Here are few of MY FAVORITE and recommended NON -TOXIC beauty buys:



Olio E Osso NO. 0 - NETTO JAR

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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